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Inventories of the Finest Hand painted & Premium Backdrops to give the most unique
artistic touch to your Food/Product Photography.


Available Sizes
2 by 2 feet / Canvas
2 by 2.5 feet / MDF
2 by 3 feet / Canvas
3 by 4 feet / Canvas

(Canvas backdrops can be customized to your needs, please write to us
at  for customization in varied sizes that suits your brand.) 


Turnaround Time

2 to 3 Working Days

How are they made?

1. We hand-paint each of the backdrops on high-quality thick canvas or 4 mm MDF
wooden flat board using quality Matte Paints.
2. Canvas is rollable. MDF is softwood ply like a board, non-rollable.
When can I get my Order?
We make every Hand-painted Backdrop based on your order. Please allow us 2-3
days to prepare the backdrop from the date of order placement. We update you via
email, in case there is going to be a delay.

How to store them?

1. Roll and store the canvas backgrounds in cylinder tubes that we ship in.
2. Store the MDF boards in the box we send, In the case of textured backgrounds, keep
them separate from another painted surface.



1. While using as floor-drop, kindly wear socks to avoid stains and specks of dirt.
2. If you have purchased the design in a canvas, Please hang them on a backdrop
stand with clips to use as a backdrop.
3. Do not wash or fold them. In case of any stains, wipe them away with a damp cloth.
4. In case of wrinkles/folds, tightly roll them and store them overnight. It should be fine the
next day.


Every backdrop is a piece of art and needs to be taken care of like an art piece.
Due to various UV lights in Mobile/PC screens, colors may look vary. Actual
the backdrop might differ a little bit in shade.


Purvi Shah


S-12 Starry Night


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