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Well, the journey of “India Prop Store” started when my friend who is an amazing Food Photographer, needed few backdrops for his Food Photography projects and asked me if I can manage to paint them for him. So, being a Professional Fine artist I agreed to paint a few backdrops for him and later on he introduced me to the prop world. And when I got to know about it I was thrilled with the beautiful props being used for different kind of photography needs, but also I got surprised by seeing very high prices of props. At that very moment, I decided to indulge into photography prop market to provide the most affordable props. And that’s how we started with the name India Prop Store, the name you trust.

We are now India’s only prop store with Premium Photography props & backdrops in most affordable price, situated in Nashik, Maharashtra. As we are a team of professional Fine artists, we look into your taste & help you choose the perfect Artistic products for your all photography needs. Our success story has reached a milestone today with about more than 100 inventories and 700+ Happy customers across India. We also rent out props for product photographers, food stylists, Baby photographers
& Fashion photographers in Nashik.

- Rudra Majithia 

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Rudra Majithia is a Fine Artist by profession, specialized in painting. He completed his Graduation & Post-Graduation in Fine arts with distinction and passionately dedicated himself to the Art Field since 2013. He has held several solo shows and participated in various group exhibitions in different parts of India. He has received many Awards & fellowship throughout his career as an Art student. And he is dedicated to the betterment of the Art field by contributing to few NGOs & organizations that work to nurture Art through various aspects.


His personal mission is to bring artistic awareness & perspective
to the society, so that people can have the vision to appreciate the
beauty around them in an artistic way.




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