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Our High Quality Printed Backdrops are the most affordable, a budget friendly optionfor all your Photography needs. We provide our printed backdrops in 3 variousmaterials i,e; Canvas, Vinyl & Poly
Canvas/Vinyl/PolyAvailable Sizes2 by 2.5 feet / Poly2 by 3 feet / Canvas, Vinyl, Poly3 by 4 feet / Canvas, Vinyl, Poly(Printed backdrops can be customized in various sizes, please write to usat  for customization in varied sizes that suits yourbrand.) 
Turnaround Time
2 to 3 Working Days
CANVASOur canvas option is the best when compared to the rest. It is HD photo quality matte canvas with 350 GSM thickness. More durable, vibrant and sturdy when compared to other options. As it is sturdy, it works well for floor and can be rolled and stored. In canvas, the maximum printable size on one side is 5 ft. and other side can be customized as per your need.  If your canvas backdrop happens to crease or wrinkle, roll up and store in tube or lay/hang flat for 24-48 hours. This backdrop is sturdy and lasts for years if taken good care and hangs nice, flat and smooth. It is the most loved material from the store. Although They are a bit heavier to be carried for on-location sessions. 
VINYL       Our Vinyl option is of high quality, non-tearable synthetic media with 260
GSMthickness. These backdrops are easy to clean and can be rolled and stored. The maximum printable size on one side is 5ft. These durable backdrops works fabulous for food photography and also for baby cake smashes, as wiping clean is really easy. You can simply wipe with a damp cloth or use mild cleaning spray as needed.
*Disclaimer: Please wipe stains immediately after spilling.* As it is partial matte the darker shades of backdrop will have a little shine on it. However, this is manageable if you are someone who use natural light for your shots.
POLYPoly is a thin flimsy canvas which has 120GSM thickness. It is light weight and is less vibrant than the actual canvas and can be rolled and stored. This biodegradable polyester media can be ironed in case of wrinkles but make sure that it should be ironed with a fabric on the backside of the poly drop. The maximum printable size on one side is 5 ft.They are light to carry. They can crease if you don’t take good care of them between sessions.

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